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Limited Time – Get Free Membership Access to 1 Degree Hire!

By Jason Klein @JasonKlein24

No one’s going to just hand you a job out of college.

It’s just not that easy.  Finding work is…well…a lot of work.  Nothing comes free along the journey.

Except for a 1 Degree Hire membership!

For a limited time, our revolutionary resource for college graduates and first-time job seekers is offering an opportunity to get Full Membership Access to our website at no cost!

Just Click Here and follow the instructions to qualify.  Then, beginning on August 1, 1 Degree Hire will randomly select one winner every day in August.  The 31 lucky entrants will gain full access to 1 Degree Hire’s Membership Section, free of charge.

As a 1 Degree Hire member, you’ll have access to the exclusive 1 Degree Hire Video Vault – an extensive library of interviews with CEO’s and HR professionals who reveal what they look for in a recruit and key questions they ask in an interview.  Plus, you’ll see interviews with junior level executives who describe what it’s like to work in their industry and share tips they used to get hired.

Your membership also unlocks hundreds of “Insider Tips” videos to help you fine-tune your job searching approach and strategically prepare for interviews.

You’ll also receive our 21-Day Course, “Prepare To Be Hired in 21 Days,” a well-organized program that will change the way you perceive the hiring process.  It includes 21 days of intense preparation through a series of eBooks and MP3 audio downloads.

If you’re out of college, and out of work, a 1 Degree Hire membership could be just the thing you need to get an edge.

Click Here today and qualify to win Free Membership Access today!

Jason Klein is Co-Founder of 1 Degree Hire, a Westchester-based resource for future college graduates and first-time job seekers.  Visit to qualify for a Free Membership today! Follow @JasonKlein24 on Twitter.

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Your First Job Will Not Define The Rest Of Your Career

By Jason Klein @JasonKlein24

Your first job will not define the rest of your career.  This is very important to recognize before you start.  It’s easy to stress about making the right decision.  Let’s try to make it a little easier for you.  The job you select right now doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that carries you throughout your entire career.

Instead, try to decide what you want to do over the next 2-3 years.  Don’t look beyond that…for now.

The average person will change jobs 7-10 times over the course of their career.  You might start out at a public relations agency, then teach high school history, and end up as a successful pharmaceutical sales rep.  Just remember that every new experience, regardless of subject matter, is a good experience.  You will meet new people, build your network, and develop your skill set.

The days of people working their entire career for the same company are long gone.  You need to understand this, and be ok with it.

If you just graduated college, chances are, you’re not married, don’t have kids, and aren’t paying a mortgage…yet!  Use this window of time wisely.  Keep an open mind now because your job flexibility will be limited as you take on more responsibilities at home.

Jason Klein is Co-Founder of 1 Degree Hire.  Click Here for his complete bio, and follow him on Twitter @JasonKlein24

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The One Question That Could Cost You A Job Offer

By Jordie Kern @JordieKern

There’s one question that could single-handedly cost you a job offer.  Want to know what it is?

“What’s the salary?”

Why?  Because it proves that you’re more interested in yourself then the company you want to work for.

Remember, a hiring manager isn’t interested in what you want.  They’re only interested to learn how you’re going to help them achieve their company goals. Of course your salary is important and it may ultimately play a roll in your decision about where you decide to work.  But asking this self-serving question prematurely is inappropriate and a terrible strategy that could ultimately move your application to the reject pile.

To prove this point, a friend of mine, who works for the New York Yankees, just went through a job recruiting process.  He forwarded an email exchange he had with a talented applicant he really liked named Eric.

He told me the job was Eric’s to lose…a super talented recent college grad, great internship experience, and all the qualities the position required.

My friend said as long as Eric didn’t say anything stupid in the interview, the job was his.  Check out their email exchanges:

First Email from my friend to Eric:  

“Thanks for your interest in our job opening.  I like all of your internship experiences and think you may be a good fit here for a F/T position. I would like to schedule an interview.  How does Tuesday at 11 am sound?”

Second Email From Eric to my friend:  

“One question before I make the time to come interview…How much does the job pay?”

Final Email From my friend to Eric:  

“I’ve actually changed my mind and decided to head in another direction.  Good luck with your job search.”

Eric could’ve had the entry-level job of his dreams with one of the best professional sports organization in the world, yet he blew it big time. What a shame! Don’t let this easily avoidable mistake ever happen to you!

During the interview process, hold off on any personal questions you want to ask regarding your pay, health benefits, vacation days, stipends.

You’ll have plenty of time to get all of these self-serving questions answered when the timing is more appropriate….after you get the job offer. 

Jordie Kern is Co-Founder of 1 Degree Hire.  Click Here for his complete bio, and follow him on Twitter @JordieKern

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Keep Your Voicemail Professional

By Jordie Kern @JordieKern

I want to talk to you about the greeting you record on your cell phone’s answering machine — I know it seems trivial, but it actually has an important impact on the first impression you make with prospective employers.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been impressed by someone’s resume, phoned them to schedule an interview, only to be immediately turned off after hearing their dull, inappropriate, or unprofessional greeting.

This is a super easy way to really impress someone, so let’s get it right.

First off…ditch the music, swearing, slang, and jokes…just keep it short, upbeat and inviting.  Your tone is everything so make sure you pronunciate your words and use proper grammar.

Always record a greeting..never the generic message that plays automatically if you forget to record one.  This is your chance to start to build your brand.

To prove my point, pretend you’re a hiring manager and need to phone two applicants to schedule interviews.  Neither one picks up their phone.  This is what you hear.

Applicant #1:

“Hey whaz know what to do.  later.”

Applicant #2:

“Hi this is Jordie.  I’m sorry I missed your call.  Please leave a message and I’ll get right back to you.  Thanks.”

Which one leaves a better impression?  I think you’ll agree that an upbeat energetic greeting that allows your personality to shine in a professional manner is the way to go.

Jordie Kern is Co-Founder of 1 Degree Hire.  Click Here for his complete bio, and follow him on Twitter @JordieKern

To access a FREE, 3 Part Video Series from 1 Degree Hire, enter your name and e-mail Here.

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The Alarm Clock Test

By Jason Klein @JasonKlein24

Need help identifying your dream job?  Look no further than your alarm clock.  That’s right!  Your alarm clock could actually help you choose a career path.

Want to know how?

Take the Alarm Clock Test and give the following some thought.  Just think about how annoying your alarm clock is.  Do you cringe every time you hear that sound?

Imagine waking up at 6 am everyday to your alarm clock.  It’s dark, it’s cold, and you secretly wonder if you’re the only person in the world waking up that early!

How Do You Want To Feel When Your Alarm Goes Off?

How Do You Want To Feel When Your Alarm Goes Off?

You commute to the office, spend 10 hours grinding and stressing, and don’t get home until sometime after 8:00 PM. You eat a quick dinner, watch some TV and fall asleep on the couch because you’re too exhausted to make it into bed. In just a few hours, that alarm clock is going off again, like it or not.  You’ll have to do it all over.

Now, imagine jumping out of bed, hardly able to contain your excitement when that alarm clock goes off! You can’t wait to get to the office because you love what you do.  Time files at work, and before you know it, you’re day is over.  You leave with a smile on your face and feel good about what you’ve accomplished during the day.

Consider this: when that alarm clock goes off in the wee hours of the morning, how do you want to feel about your upcoming day?  What’s going to motivate you to get out of bed?  That’s where you need to focus your search.  Go after the job that gets you fired up in the morning and keeps you driven all day long!

It’s a reality you could only dream of.

Jason Klein is Co-Founder of 1 Degree Hire.  Click Here for his complete bio, and follow him on Twitter @JasonKlein24

To access a FREE, 3 Part Video Series from 1 Degree Hire, enter your name and e-mail Here.

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When I Fell Off Track, 1 Degree Hire Set Me Straight

By Kevin Murphy, Contributing Writer & 1 Degree Hire Client

I always thought I was doing everything right.  I got good grades in high school, did well on my SAT’s, and got into a competitive liberal arts school just like I was supposed to.  As far as anyone ever told me, I was on the right track.  In college, I continued to get good grades, found summer internships,  joined social and academic clubs, and crafted a professional looking resume, just like I was supposed to.

Yet, after I graduated in May of 2012, I found myself still jobless nearly one year later.  I couldn’t understand it.  I thought, “What is wrong with me?  Didn’t I do everything I was supposed to?  I worked hard, and I paid nearly $200,000 dollars for this education, so that I could get the job I wanted when I was finished.”

I’ve learned there is nothing wrong with me.  The fact is: college doesn’t prepare new graduates to enter the work force.  Sure, in college I learned how to write a great essay, how to pass a test, and how to take stellar notes in a lecture.  But the reality is, none of those skills help me ace  a job interview, or build a professional network.  None of my courses showed me the way to get a job doing something that I loved.

Then, in a profoundly ironic twist of fate, I finally got a job as the social media coordinator at 1 Degree Hire.  The guy who spent almost a year unemployed landed a job at a company that specializes in training college students and recent grads like me to achieve my professional dreams.

Now I see I was doing everything wrong.  I was applying to any and all jobs I could find on Monster or CareerBuilder or Indeed.  I wasn’t doing everything I could to make myself standout from the crowd when it came to job interviews.  I wasn’t being assertive enough in taking advantage of the built in network of friends and family that all of us have.

I’m writing this, because I want to help people who are where I was only a few short weeks ago.  I remember all too well how miserable it was to feel useless, like there was no way I would ever get a job.  I’m telling you, if you sign up to receive 1 Degree Hire’s three free instructional clips, you’re going to learn innovative and effective ways to make yourself a better candidate for any job you desire.

It’s not as hopeless as it seems, and if you’re willing to make a few small changes to your job hunting strategy, you can find that job you really want in the field of your dreams.

There are 3 simple things that I wish I had done sooner after I graduated from college, and began my job search.

First, I wish I had focused on finding a job in an industry that I actually cared about.  I should have concentrated on finding a job that I loved.  Instead, I took any interview that came my way.  I’d go into interviews, not really knowing about or caring about the job, and my lack of enthusiasm was apparent to the interviewers.  I was wasting my time and theirs.  The moral of the story?  You have to choose a job you really want, and then you have to go out and get it.

Second, I wish I had worked harder early on to develop a network of professional people around me to help me pursue my first job.  What I didn’t realize was how easy this would be.  The truth is, everyone has a network of friends and family already in place.  All you have to do is cultivate it by reaching out to the people who know and care about you, and letting them know that you would value their professional advice and help.  I also wish I had better utilized social media like LinkedIn right off the bat.  It’s so easy, and with a little guidance, it’s amazing how a little bit of cyber-networking can turn into job leads.  You can join professional groups in the industry of your choice, join discussions, make important connections with people in your field, and you can do it all from the comfort of your couch.

Third, I wish I had considered getting more internships, and developing my skills, in order to land my dream job.  After college, it’s very easy to focus only on the prize, landing that dream job, without taking a step back and looking at things one step at a time.  If I had pursued more internships, I would’ve gained more useful experience while simultaneously growing my network through the people I was interning with.  It’s also important to get out there and keep working, even if you aren’t getting paid for it.  The last thing you want is to find yourself a year down the road after college with a big blank spot on your resume, because you never got an internship to fill your time, and instead threw online applications at companies like a handful of darts at a board.

If you’re about to graduate from college, I urge you to at the very least think about these three mistakes that I made.  It really is possible to get a job that you care about, one that you wake up in the morning excited to go to, right out of college.  You just need to have the right strategy.

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School’s Almost Over. Homework’s Just Beginning!

By Jason Klein @JasonKlein24

Think you’re done with homework?  Think again!

College graduation may be on the horizon, but to land a great job, you’ll still have plenty of studying to do from the comfort of home.

Become an expert on the company you're applying to!

Become an expert on the company you’re applying to!

Identify a company you are interested in and then become an expert on them before applying.  You should spend time at home reading the company’s website and understanding their history and mission statement.  Read up on their competition and get familiar with specific challenges they face as a company.  Coming up with solutions to these problems will demonstrate your value in an interview setting.

If possible, find out who you’ll interview with and learn everything you can about them.  Know where he or she went to school, where they grew up, jobs they’ve held, and their personal accomplishments.  Learn what they like to do on the weekends, what teams they root for, and where they go on vacation.

You can learn more about their experience and their personalities by reviewing their LinkedIn page or their Twitter account too.  Try making a few phone calls to co-workers, or even the company receptionist, to get some inside information.  You’re not stalking them, you’re learning about what makes them tick and gaining a better understanding about what you need to do to connect with them.

Remember, you are selling yourself.  In any sales situation, it’s important to know your customer inside and out.  Once you’re armed with this valuable information, you’ll be able to effectively break the ice and relate to your interviewer on a personal level.  In other words, you’ll raise the comfort level, gain trust, and be in position to “close the sale!”

Don’t make the mistake of going into an interview without properly preparing at home.  Your conversation will be awkward and your lack of company knowledge will be evident.  Remember, the interview is not about you.  It’s about the company, the person asking you the questions, and what you can do to benefit them both.

Put in the time at home and your time in the interview room will be more effective.

Jason Klein is Co-Founder of 1 Degree Hire.  Click Here for his complete bio, and follow him on Twitter @JasonKlein24

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