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Ready To Battle Job Market, Retired Vets Storm Citi Field

By Jason Klein @JasonKlein24

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They served us.

Last Friday, it was our turn to proudly serve them.

Members of our 1 Degree Hire team headed out to Citi Field to “meet the Vets” at the Employment-Education-Resource Expo.  There, hundreds of our bravest retired Veterans were confronted with a new kind of combat – the battle for employment.  Over the course of the five-hour event, our retired service members had the opportunity to speak with recruiters from over 150 companies in a job fair-like setting.  They were welcomed with open arms and introduced to new career opportunities as they prepared to transition back into society.

1 Degree Hire Co-Founder, Jason Klein, at Citi Field.

1 Degree Hire Co-Founder, Jason Klein, at Citi Field.

Organized by Be A Hero-Hire A Hero of West Nyack, NY, Veterans in attendance traded in their camouflage for business suits, thanks to The Save-A-Suit Foundation, an organization that regularly donates professional attire to vets as they search for civilian work.  There were also make-up artists, stylists and hairdressers on location to ensure each job-seeker looked the part.

Our 1 Degree Hire staff made the pilgrimage to Flushing to help prepare our nation’s heroes for the difficult and confusing new journey that awaits them.  Through a series of seminars, one-on-one coaching sessions, and informational handouts, we were able to educate and put our Veterans in a better position to succeed with their individual job searches.

A select group of service men and women who attended the seminars were also invited to become complimentary 1 Degree Hire members – gaining free access to, our Video Vault, 21-Day Course, and personal one-on-one coaching sessions until they get hired.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the 1 Degree Hire staff,” said Norman Laracuente, a Marine Corps Veteran in attendance.  “I appreciate the workshops, found them very informative, am really excited to be selected to take part in the program and ultimately, get hired!”

1 Degree Hire is happy to help.

Proud to serve too.

Jason Klein is Co-Founder of 1 Degree Hire, a Westchester-based resource for future college graduates and first-time job seekers.  Visit to qualify for a Free Membership today! Follow @JasonKlein24 on Twitter.

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