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Seven Seconds

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By Jordie Kern @JordieKern

Seven Seconds.

That’s it.  That’s all the time you can expect a hiring manager will spend reading your resume before he chucks it in the trash or adds it to the “interview” pile.

It just doesn’t seem fair.  You’ve probably spent over $100,000 on your college education, four years of your life, and countless hours interning, yet you have only a few precious seconds to make an impression.

Your Resume Won't Have Much Time To Impress. Make All Seven Seconds count!

Your Resume Won’t Have Much Time To Impress. Make All Seven Seconds count!

Yes, it stinks, but that’s the reality of today’s super competitive job market.  Employers regularly evaluate several hundred resumes for each position…they have to make quick judgment calls in order to filter the massive resume stacks on their desks.

Here are some simple adjustments you can to make to your resume to ensure you make every second you get count!

First, it’s got to be easy on the eyes.  Attractive banner, legible font, ample white space, columns that line up, short bullet descriptions, one page only, no mistakes.

Next, employers will spend about five of the seven seconds reading the most relevant real estate on your page…your “Work Experience” section.

So it’s vital that you have appropriate, real-world internships that have prepared you for working in your chosen industry.

For example, if you want to work in marketing, yet the only job experience on your resume is being a waiter and a life guard, that’s not going to cut it.  You need to include a marketing internship.

The entry-level job market is super competitive and you have to bring your “A-Game.”

Your internship bullet points must demonstrate how you solve problems, improve processes, cut costs, and most importantly, generate revenue.  Use results oriented measurable data, not vague and generic language that says nothing about how you add value.

Make your bullets pop with action verbs like “Generated,” “Expanded,” and “Cut,” not boring language like “Responsible for,” or “Worked at.

Now, if you just haven’t had any appropriate internships to feature on your resume — a common problem for many college students — no worries…it’s never too late to get this experience.

Beefing up your resume right now is vital and the most important thing you can do if you want your seven seconds to result in a job the job interview you deserve.

Jordie Kern is Co-Founder of 1 Degree Hire.  Click Here for his complete bio, and follow him on Twitter @JordieKern

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