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Don’t Be An Unemployed Job-Seeker!

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By Jordie Kern @JordieKern

One of the biggest mistakes I feel you can make when looking for work is being a full time unemployed job seeker.

It can be depressing and discouraging for you when that’s the only thing you’re doing.

Plus, focusing your entire day on finding a job makes you look undesirable to employers.

Some may form negative opinions about you because you are not doing anything productive during your search.

Anytime I interview a kid who hasn’t worked since college graduation and he’s a full-time job seeker, I immediately think, “What’s wrong with him?  Why hasn’t anyone hired him yet?”

So here are 3 ways I recommend you spend your time during this transition period to make yourself much more marketable.

1. Intern at a company in your chosen industry

2. Volunteer at a local non profit organization for a cause that’s important to you

3. Start your own business that does not require financial risk.

Keep in mind that you may not get paid, but you’re not making anything now anyway.

IT’s much more important for you to invest in yourself, build your skills, meet new people, and accumulate work experiences that you can discuss in your interviews.

Believe it or not, being a part-time — and not a full-time — job hunter will actually give you a much better opportunity to land a great job.

Jordie Kern is Co-Founder of 1 Degree Hire.  Click Here for his complete bio, and follow him on Twitter @JordieKern

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